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Kiff (AyoKiff), formerly known as DJ Kiff, is a multi-genre artist, producer, and audio engineer coming from Irvington, New Jersey. Starting off as a singer and rapper from the age of 5, he also became inspired to produce Jersey Club from listening to Brick Bandit's club tapes in high school and thus began his music production journey. He made a historical mark as one of the initial pioneers to spread the high energetic genre around the world. From being featured on major blogs such as, Mass Appeal, Mad Decent, XLR8, and landing a music video "Yr So Wet 3.0" with producer UltraDemon on MTV/MTVHive; his transition to venturing off into the broader world of music wasn't as difficult as it seems. He also has created a new genre, “Jersey Soca”, featured here on FactMagazine. However, his journey and one mad band mission didn't stop him from digging deeper into Kiff's wave of sound.

Today, Kiff has placed himself into an upcoming executive producer position, comprising of music from various genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Club music. At the same time, he is also working behind the scenes engineering some of the best of works from artists like R3ll, Uniiqu3, Jay P, and much more upcoming. Kiff in the mere future wants the music industry to view him as a person who is willing to help anyone in any form possible to make great music for the people worldwide.

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Recent Works

These are my most important and recent releases of works I am a part of whether as an artist, producer, or engineer.  Touching from genres within the Caribbean to global club music sounds. 

I was given the opportunity to mix and master this record by artist Kris Kemizt

I was the mix and master engineer and also small co-production work for the artist Uniiqu3

This is my complete work on the new genre Jersey Soca that I have created. This is a perfect example of my one-man-band works. Engineer, Producer, and Creative Director on images and promo assets used.

I was the lead vocalist, sole songwriter, co-producer and mixing engineer for this single project

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